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Together, around the greater Portland, Vancouver, Salem, and Eugene regions, we support walking and bicycling policies and funding within communities, to create a place where walking and bicycling are safe and convenient.

Pacific Northwest News

March 20, 2019

The Oregon House Committee on Energy and Environment held a public hearing yesterday for HB 2007, a bill that would phase out old diesel trucks over 10 years and allocate VW Settlement funds towards replacing or retrofitting older engines. In 2017 we supported the Legislature’s decision to use some of these VW funds to replace old diesel school buses. We believe that HB 2007 takes a necessary next step further in prioritizing the needs of our most vulnerable communities. But we also believe that we can do better.

March 8, 2019

After two years of study and collaboration with community partners, the Portland Bureau of Transportation is ready to showcase PedPDX, Portland’s citywide pedestrian plan. It prioritizes sidewalk and crossing improvements and other investments to make walking safer and more comfortable across the city. The plan identifies the key strategies and tools we will use to make Portland a great walking city for everyone. 

February 28, 2019

In the Washington Legislature, we work closely with partners at Healthy Living Collaborative, Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition, and Washington Bikes to track bills. Our primary focus is on improving health outcomes, increasing safety for people who walk, bike, and access transit, and securing funding for transportation projects to achieve those goals. 

February 28 update: