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Together, around the greater Portland, Vancouver, Salem, and Eugene regions, we support walking and bicycling policies and funding within communities, to create a place where walking and bicycling are safe and convenient.

Pacific Northwest News

June 5, 2019

The Safe Routes Partnership supports the Central Lane, Salem-Keizer and Portland Metro regions to improve health and advance active transportation. These areas are experiencing significant air quality issues as a result of diesel emissions, and those most at-risk to air pollution include children, the elderly, those with chronic health problems, people of color, and people of lower socioeconomic levels. We believe that everyone deserves to have what they need to thrive, including clean air.

May 24, 2019

Following a tragic pedestrian fatality earlier this year, the Central Lane MPO has committed funds to begin making safety improvements along the Beaver-Hunsaker Corridor in North Eugene. While resources were already programmed for 2021 to begin designing significant long-term improvements for the corridor, policy makers heard loud and clear that the community couldn’t wait any longer to get serious about safety.

May 20, 2019

SKATS, the designated MPO for the Salem-Keizer region, has released the 2019-2043 Regional Transportation Systems Plan (RTSP) for public review. The RTSP is the long-term guide that identifies priority transportation investments and is only updated every four years.  We’ve submitted comments requesting that the RTSP is strengthened in the following areas: