Our Publications

The following publications are produced by the Safe Routes Partnership for use in advancing Safe Routes to School, active transportation, and shared use in all communities. To search for a publication on a specific topic, use the advanced search tool and start typing in "Safe Routes Partnership" in the author field, then select it from the list that appears.

Model Policy
Safe Routes to School Local Policy Guide

The Safe Routes to School Local Policy Guide was published to help local communities and schools create, enact and implement policies which will support active and healthy community environments that encourage safe walking and bicycling and physical activity by children through a Health in All Policies approach. 

Report, Case Study
Safe Routes to School State Network Project Final Report, 2010-2011:

This report includes policy successes, lessons learned and local success stories that were a result of policy changes led by the 20 state network coalitions. 

Safe Routes to School:

The report, focused on selling Safe Routes to School in tough economic times, shares new data, dollar figures and facts about the wide-ranging benefits of the federal Safe Routes to School program and illustrates them with local success stories. 

Fact Sheet
Safe Routes to School:

This fact sheet contains excerpts from the report "Safe Routes to School: Helping Communities Save Lives and Dollars." 

Evaluation, Report
Safe Routes to School–Local School Project:

The Safe Routes Partnership in collaboration with UC Berkeley’s Safe Transportation Research and Education Center and PPH Partners, released the report, Safe Routes to School - Local School Project: A health evaluation at 10 low-income schools. This comprehensive report analyzes the ten schools from the Local School Project.

Toolkit, Model Policy, Case Study
Getting Students Active through Safe Routes to School:

The Safe Routes Partnership has developed an Educator's Guide for getting students active through Safe Routes to School. 

Evaluation, Report
Safe Routes to School Local School Project Evaluation Report

This report presents the results, lessons learned and recommendations identified during the Project’s 20-month period. The Project involved a review of the relevant literature, development of a logic model, design and implementation of data collection tools, analysis of findings, and establishment of conclusions and recommendations.

The Safe Routes Partnership’s 2011-2015 Strategic Plan

The Safe Routes Partnership's 2011-2015 final Strategic Plan was adopted by our Steering Committee on November 3, 2010. A sincere thank you goes out to the nearly 1,000 people who were interviewed, completed a survey, attended our annual meeting and/or provided written comments on the draft strategic plan. 

Fact Sheet
Working Together to Advance Safe Routes to School

This 2-page document describes the main national organizations and entities supporting and advancing Safe Routes to School - Federal Highway Administration, state departments of transportation, National Center for Safe Routes to School and Safe Routes Partnership. 

Fact Sheet
Strategic Plan 2011-2015: Executive Summary

Executive Summary for the Safe Routes Partnership's 2011-2015 Strategic Plan.