Resources to help rural communities promote walking, biking, and physical activity.

Fact Sheet
Walking and Bicycling in Indian Country
Safe Routes to School in Tribal Communities

This brief provides an overview of the unique considerations in implementing Safe Routes to School in tribal communities.

Fact Sheet
Rural Communities:
A Two-Pronged Approach for Improving Walking and Bicycling

When it comes to walking and bicycling, rural communities can be the best of environments and the worst of environments. Historically, small rural towns were very walkable. With small main streets and compact development, it was easy to walk from place to place while running errands. 

Rural Communities:
Best Practices and Promising Approaches for Safe Routes

Safe Routes to School programs can succeed in rural areas. But ensuring that schoolchildren can get the benefits of walking and bicycling to school in rural communities requires dealing with some challenges and barriers that may be different than in other areas.

Fact Sheet
Rural Communities: Making Safe Routes Work

In over 17,000 schools around the country, these programs are making it easier and safer for students to be healthy by walking or bicycling to school. 

Fact Sheet
Safe Routes to School in Small Rural Communities
Challenges and Strategies to Accessing Funding

This infobrief describes state outreach, technical assistance, and partnership approaches that support rural communities and highlights two communities that have successfully used federal funds to improve safety and accessibility for walking and bicycling.