From federal funding to state and regional funding, these resources offer insight and tools for how communities and organizations can access funds to support biking, walking, Safe Routes to School, and active communities.

Fact Sheet
Using the Transportation Alternatives Program to Improve Safety and Health in Your Community

This factsheet helps communities understand how to use the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) to support healthy community design and active transportation.

MPO 201: New Funding, New Players, New Game
Why Build Safe Routes to School into Regional Governments

This webinar discusses the role of regional governments in Safe Routes to School.

Making Strides:
State Report Cards on Support for Walking, Bicycling, and Active Kids and Communities

Physical activity is a fundamental building block for good health, and states have a crucial role in promoting it. States’ actions are essential – enacting laws and policies to support active, healthy lifestyles, devoting staff and planning efforts to physical activity, and ensuring adequate funding for walking, bicycling, and physical activity.

Matching Funds Under MAP-21
Understanding the New Match Requirements for Safe Routes to School Projects

Learn about the match requirement in the MAP-21 law.

Maximizing Statewide Impact of Safe Routes to School
Educating Governors and State Agency Leaders

The complexities of engaging and educating your governor and state agency leaders on the benefits of policies and funding that support Safe Routes to School can feel daunting, but may be easier than you imagine.

Fact Sheet
Using the Transportation Alternatives Program of MAP-21 to Impact Your Local Community

Many local communities are eager to use transportation funding streams to create safe streets for people walking and bicycling. 

How States are Adapting to a New Legislative Framework

Two years ago, Congress made major modifications to the federal Safe Routes to School program. While those changes are still being rolled out by state departments of transportation, it is time to examine how different states have adapted to those changes and how the changes have impacted the availability of Safe Routes to School funds. 

Fact Sheet
The Role of MPOs in Advancing Safe Routes to School through the Transportation Alternatives Program

This brief profiles four MPOs, each of which used a thoughtful and innovative approach to TAP that was ultimately beneficial to the safety of children and families on the trip to and from school.