Safe Routes to Healthy Food

  • 2017     Fact Sheet

    In too many neighborhoods, local stores carry no fresh produce or other healthy options, but getting to healthy foods is dangerous and inconvenient due to unsafe walking conditions and lack of access to public transit or private vehicles.

  • credit: Flint MTA
    2017     Fact Sheet

    This fact sheet outlines the role of transit agencies in improving food access, offers examples from transit agencies across the country, and shares solutions that will allow transit agencies to create or strengthen the connection between neighborhoods and grocery stores.

  • SEPTA bus
    2017     Fact Sheet
    Using Public Transportation to Connect Neighborhoods and Grocery Stores

    Traveling outside the neighborhood for food access can be complicated without a car. This two-page fact sheet describes why public transit matters for food access and strategies for improving healthy food access.

  • new seasons bike share
    2016     Fact Sheet

    This fact sheet explores the benefits of making healthy food accessible by foot, bike, or transit, and highlights examples of how businesses, agencies, and nonprofits are taking action to improve transportation options to healthy food.