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The following publications are produced by the Safe Routes Partnership for use in advancing Safe Routes to School, active transportation, and shared use in all communities. To search for a publication on a specific topic, use the advanced search tool and start typing in "Safe Routes Partnership" in the author field, then select it from the list that appears.

Fact Sheet
Un Manual Sobre Las Rutas Seguras A La Escuela - PNW

Un Manual Sobre Las Rutas Seguras A La Escuela

Fact Sheet
Safe Routes to School Primer

Learn more about Safe Routes to School, including essential elements to consider when establishing a program and helpful statistics on the many benefits of Safe Routes to School in your community.

Fact Sheet
Cultivating Support for Safe Routes to School

This fact sheet provides an overview of why it is important to engage school district leaders in Safe Routes to School and the results that can be achieved through a strong partnership.

Working With Your School District Board to Support Healthy, Active Students

This checklist offers questions and actions to consider when preparing to work with your school board in support of Safe Routes to School, whether through official board policies, revised procedures, or other approaches.

Fact Sheet
Healthy Students, Thriving Districts

One of the best ways to make sure that walking, bicycling, and Safe Routes to School programs are vigorous and sustained over time in your district is to include these programs in school district policies.

Fact Sheet, Research
Shared Use 101: It's About Play

This brief one-pager on shared use, serves as a tool to engage advocates on the issue of shared use. 

Buses, Boots and Bicycles:

Student transportation departments have the potential to focus on more than just busing students to school. 

Fact Sheet
School Principals and the Shared Use of School Facilities

Principals are responsible for supporting the academic success of their students and also for acting as a liaison to parents and the community. Principals can play a key role in championing shared use in their school systems.

Fact Sheet
Using the Transportation Alternatives Program of MAP-21 to Impact Your Local Community

Many local communities are eager to use transportation funding streams to create safe streets for people walking and bicycling. 

Fact Sheet
School Board Members and the Shared Use of School Facilities

School boards have a crucial role to play in supporting shared use in school districts. This two page brief includes suggestions for shared use advocates working with school boards to advance shared use.