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The following publications are produced by the Safe Routes Partnership for use in advancing Safe Routes to School, active transportation, and shared use in all communities. To search for a publication on a specific topic, use the advanced search tool and start typing in "Safe Routes Partnership" in the author field, then select it from the list that appears.

2019    Fact Sheet

No one should have to risk their life walking alongside fast moving traffic or spend two hours on the bus just to get to the grocery store. 

2019    Webinar
This webinar provides an in-depth look at how to incorporate equity into Safe Routes to Parks efforts. 
2019    Report
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This report provides an overview of the key role that active transportation financing can play in developing healthy communities.

2019    Toolkit

Safe Routes to School is a great way to help students be healthy and have fun on the way to school. This toolkit will help you kick off a new Safe Routes to School program or strengthen your existing one.

2018    Toolkit
Como empezar un autobús caminante escolar en su escuela

Esta guía le sirve a proveer una descripción clara de cómo planificar y organizar un autobús caminante escolar usando voluntarios adultos como líderes.

2018    Fact Sheet

Everyone deserves safe and easy access to parks, but not all communities have that opportunity. This infographic highlights the features and steps to creating Safe Routes to Parks.

2018    Fact Sheet

Key messages and talking points for Safe Routes to School translated into Spanish.

2018    Fact Sheet

Walk audits are a great tool to engage community members and gather information for community planning and traffic safety projects. But a walk audit is just the first step! This factsheet helps you figure out how to use the results of your walk audit to make your streets safer and more comfortable for people getting around on foot.

2018    Fact Sheet, Report
Key Tools for Supporting Healthy, Active Communities

Complete Streets policies, together with bicycle and pedestrian plans, are two key tolls used by cities and counties to support community visions and goals for walking and bicycling and health.

2018    Fact Sheet
Best Practices and Equity Framing

We’ve updated our guide to effectively communicating about walking and biking with a new section focused on equity language and framing.