Active Transportation Plan adopted by Metro Council

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Regional Active Transportation Plan (ATP), that Metro has adopted by resolution today, July 17, 2014.

Through the ATP we can see what it would look like with complete walking and bicycling networks, access to transit, and safe routes to everywhere. One thing that’s great about the ATP is that it’s based on local jurisdictions’ already existing plans to make pedestrian and bicycle improvements. The ATP is also essential to Metro’s Climate Smart Communities Scenario Project. Based on the cost-benefit analysis of investments, it is clear that quickly implementing the ATP is a smart, low-cost, and effective step toward meeting our requirement to address greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions, and also to support the aspirations of local jurisdictions and people around the region who want vibrant neighborhoods with safe and reliable transportation options.

Let’s take a minute to applaud all the hard work and commitment of Metro to active transportation in the region. Let us celebrate the adoption of this plan and what a great step forward for our region.

Now, we need to start thinking about how we actually get those regional walking and bicycling networks built. Because if we don’t change the way we make decisions and investments for our transportation system, the walking and bicycling networks which that plan lays out will not be realized for more than 200 years.Even if our current regional rate of investing is active transportation projects were tripled, children born in 2014 would still not have the opportunity to benefit from a comprehensive and complete active transportation network in their lifetime.

As planning, project, and funding decisions are made over the next 6-12 months for our region, stick with us to find out ways you can engage and help support decision making that supports equitable transportation decisions, funding, and your ability to walk.

We’re working with partners like you. Want to get more involved? Sign up as a partner of Safe Routes to School Pacific Northwest and find out how to get involved in one of our newly forming committees — no worries and no commitment, we’ll always ask you if you want to sign on to a letter and you can always change your mind. Contact Kari at

Let’s create a culture of walking.


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