Metro Transportation Measure Update: Regionwide Programs

Finalization of the ballot measure in the greater Portland region, which has been under development for more than a year, was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. A decision by Metro Council whether to refer the package to the November 2020 ballot is now expected this summer. If referred and passed, the measure will invest billions in safety, transit, and transportation access projects in our communities over the next 20 years. 

Regionwide programs slated to be included in the measure indicate the following draft allocations: 

  • Community Stability, total $11.5 million/year including:
    • Anti-displacement Strategies, $2.5 million/year

    • Housing Opportunity Fund, $6.5 million/year
    • Thriving Main Streets, $2.5 million/year

  • Safer Streets, total $9 million/year including:
    • Safe Routes to School, $4.5 million/year
    • Safety Hot Spots, $4.5 million/year
  • Walking/Biking Connections: $9 million/year
  • Better Bus: $2 million/year
  • Bus Electrification: $9 million/year
  • Youth Transit Passes: $9 million/ year
  • Corridor Planning: $0.5 million/year

As founding partners in the Getting There Together Coalition, we've advocated for equity, safety, and climate outcomes from this measure's projects and programs. In addition to significant wins on projects in the measure, we are extra pleased to see resources put toward community stability, ensuring people are not displaced from their homes or businesses due to transportation improvements; significant and ongoing investments in safety programs to fill in the gaps between the proposed corridors, including dedicated funding for SRTS infrastructure and programs, safety and walking/biking connections; and a new regional Youth Transit Pass program proposed. (ICYMI, check out this amazing video supporting regional YouthPass!)  

Final details and funding allocations for these programs will be determined in the coming weeks.


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