New SRTS Plan for Eugene & Springfield

The 2017-2021 Strategic Plan for Eugene-Springfield SRTS Program was released in December 2017, and we are excited to share what’s in store! The Eugene-Springfield SRTS program is a coordinated regional approach to serving the three largest school districts in the metro area: Bethel, Eugene 4J & Springfield Public Schools. The Strategic Plan outlines priorities for the next four years, and gives an idea of what we might expect to see in all three districts.

The Strategic Plan identifies goals and projects centered around five of the six E’s: Education, Evaluation, Encouragement, Engineering and Enforcement. The sixth E, Equity, is a priority for Eugene-Springfield, and informs programing in all five areas. To view the full Strategic Plan, click here. Here are a few projects Eugene-Springfield SRTS Program Coordinators and planners are most looking forward to:

    • Expanding bicycle and pedestrian safety education so that it reaches 100% of 2nd grade classes (pedestrian safety) and 5th or 6th grade classes (bicycle safety) by the year 2021.
    • Expanding annual encouragement activities so that every school in the region participates in an encouragement activity by 2021.
    • Creating a comprehensive crossing guard program regionally or within districts.
    • Improving bicycle parking at schools.
    • Supporting the launch of more walking school buses, bike trains and year-long encouragement activities (e.g. Walking Wednesdays).

The Eugene-Springfield SRTS program began in 2007 in the Eugene 4J School District and has since expanded to include Eugene’s Bethel School District (2010) and Springfield Public Schools (2013). Eugene-Springfield has had many successes in these past few years, including development of routes to school maps for all K-8 schools, expansion of bike and ped safety education in all three school districts, and the creation of a new staff position within Lane Transit District (LTD), to coordinate regional SRTS efforts.

And there’s still room for growth and improvement. The Strategic Plan concludes with the following statement: “It takes a consistent, sustainable approach using proven tools to influence attitudes and lifestyle choices. Continued investment in Safe Routes to School infrastructure and programming will make real and lasting change.”

We look forward to partnering more closely with Eugene-Springfield SRTS, and can’t wait to see these developments in the next few years!

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