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Open Streets, Shared Streets, Healthy Streets—Creating Mobility and Physical Activity Solutions Now and for the Future

family biking on an open street

Contributing authors: Margo Pedroso, Marisa Jones, Michelle Lieberman, Kari Schlosshauer, Demi Espinoza, and Cass Isidro

Community-led Art Installation Encourages Safer Streets Near Old Stadium Park – And Serves as a Model for Oahu

This blog post was written by Margaux Mennesson and Colby Takeda.

painting the intersection


Equitable Community Engagement in the Time of Social Distancing

walk audit

While traditional community engagement activities like neighborhood walk audits are not possible during COVID-19, there are creative ways to continue equitable community engagement during the time of social distancing.

Congress Tackles Relief and Looks Ahead to Recovery

Last week, Congress passed the CARES Act, which was the third in a series of new laws aimed at addressing the wide-ranging impact of Coronavirus. The $2.2 trillion bill included a series of emergency relief measures addressing people, affected industry, the healthcare system, and more.

Financial Help for Nonprofits During Covid-19

Congress has passed three different pieces of legislation to help address the wide-ranging impact of Coronavirus. Several components of those new laws can help nonprofits survive and hopefully retain employees during this time of great challenges.