Regional Planning and Health: How MPOs Are Using Regional Transportation Planning to Advance Health


Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are some of the most influential agencies that most people have never heard of.  

In this free webinar, the first of two on MPOs and health, we will provide an overview of MPO long-range regional transportation planning and how MPOs can include health in these processes.  Transportation and health are deeply connected and our regional agencies can’t make wise decisions about how to invest transportation resources without considering and addressing the health pros and cons of different options. We’ll also hear from staff at two MPOs that have brought health into their long range planning processes.  We’ll learn why these MPOs became interested and invested in health and health equity, how they overcame resistance, what happened differently because of these considerations, and how including health changed outcomes. 


  • Grace Cho, Senior Transportation Planner, Metro (Portland, OR)
  • Wade Reynolds, Senior Planner, Plan Hillsborough (FL)
  • Michele Ogilvie, Executive Planner, Plan Hillsborough (FL)
  • Sara Zimmerman, Program and Policy Director, Safe Routes Partnership
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