An Audit of a Diverse Community for Safe Routes to Age in Place

Environmental Policy Implications

Safe Routes to School resources can guide stakeholders in supporting mobility and meeting community needs not just for youth but also aging in place.


  • The Safe Routes to Age in Place (SRTAP) program supports active transportation across age groups based on the 5-E (engineering, education, enforcement, encouragement, and evaluation) Model developed by SRTS. The SRTAP program includes broader approaches for connection to support aging in place through access to goods and services and broader community resources beyond schools.
  • The research study drew local media attention to the importance of safe routes across generations.


  • This article describes an environmental audit on environmental walkability and planning policies using the CDC-HAN Environmental Audit Tool for the SRTAP program as part of the Miami-Dade Age Friendly Initiative.

Perez, A., Garces, A., Hunter, R., Marquez, D.X. (2015). An Audit of a Diverse Community for Safe Routes to Age in Place: Environmental Policy Implications. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 41(3), 13-21.

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