March 2019

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Transportation Heats Up in the Senate

While the current FAST Act won’t expire until September 2020, it takes a lot of time for Congress to hold hearings, negotiate, come up with bills, find funding, and get them passed and signed into law. Past transportation reauthorization bills have been plagued by delays and extensions, but the Senate in particular is off to a fast start this year.

Grassroots Community Residents Lead the Change for a Safer and Accessible Park

Successful parks are markers of healthy communities; children play, families spend time together, people of all ages exercise and relax, and the environment adds to the beauty, security, and economic value of the neighborhood. On the other hand, neglected, poorly maintained, or badly designed parks have the opposite effect: families and young children stay away, illicit activities proliferate, and the property becomes a threatening or discouraging eyesore.

Congress Talks Climate and Transportation

In the first two months of the new Congress, one key issue making news is climate change. The transportation sector is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, making up 28.5 percent of all emissions. Emissions from transportation have been increasing primarily due to people driving more and driving larger vehicles that are less fuel efficient. Often, emission reduction solutions focus on things like electrifying cars and transit or shifting to zero-emissions trucks.