Youth Engagement: How Kids Can Impact Community Policy, Programs and Planning


Youth support for policy change, program development and community planning can be the catalyst to success: When kids speak up, adults listen. 

Learn about youth engagement at the local, regional and state level, how kids of all ages are influencing their community in positive ways, and how your community can engage youth, participate in meaningful dialog, and share ideas with decision makers and community members to make a difference for safety in their community


  • Kate Moening, Field Services Manager, Safe Routes Partnership
  • Emma Pachuta, Program Director – Smart Trips Neighborhoods, St. Paul Smart Trips
  • Kristin Haukom, SRTS Regional Coordinator, California Department of Public Health
  • Tristan Hall, Director of Youth-Led Programs & Problem Gambling Program Manager, Drug Free Action Alliance
  • Tina Panza, Education Director, Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition
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