Transportation Planning Innovations and Health: How MPOs Are Combining Core Skills and Creativity to Advance Health


Interested in learning about the innovative and promising ways that metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) are advancing public health in the United States?  

In this free webinar, the second of two on MPOs and health, we will provide an overview of a range of creative and inspiring approaches that MPOs are taking to benefit healthy and thriving neighborhoods.  MPOs across the country are engaging in an array of activities that promote health and support communities: adopting health policies, encouraging better practices by their local jurisdictions, conducting inventive projects focused on access to healthy food or recreational opportunities, and coordinating regional partnerships on relevant local health issues. These approaches are actively advancing health and health equity in local communities.  We’ll hear from staff at two MPOs about some of the visionary approaches they have taken to advance health, exploring the details of the projects and initiatives they instigated, as well as learning how they engaged their colleagues’ commitment to health and what recommendations they would give advocates and MPO staff that want to explore these opportunities locally. 


  • Marco Gorini, Transportation Planner, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
  • Anita Au, Associate Regional Planner, Southern California Association of Governments
  •  Kate Moening, Planner, Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency
  • Sara Zimmerman, Program and Policy Director, Safe Routes Partnership
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