October 2017

Safe Routes to School E-News
Issue #140: October 2017

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  1. Happy Walk to School Day!
  2. Woodall Amendment Compromises Local Control of Transportation Funds
  3. Orange County Residents Gather to Learn More About Active Transportation
  4. Fines, Fees, and Equity: Oh My! Join #MoveEquity Tweetchat 10/11 (Rescheduled from September)
  5. Toward Zero Traffic Deaths and Equitable Mobility for All
  6. How It Got Built
  7. Fire Up Your Feet is Underway in Michigan and Clark County, Nevada
  8. State of Obesity Rankings Updated
  9. Teachers, Take 5

1. Happy Walk to School Day!

Today is the big day, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to join you on the streets and sidewalks, celebrating Walk to School Day with kids, families, and teachers at thousands of school across the country.
Take a moment to look around and feel the spirit and energy. For every kid who’s walking today, there is another who can’t walk to school or cannot walk safely in their community – because cars drive too fast down her street, because there’s no crosswalk to help him cross a dangerous intersection, or because she’s afraid of being harassed or bullied.
Support #WalktoSchoolEveryDay to give every kid in America the freedom and safety to walk. Donate $50 or more to be eligible to win a Dero Bike Bike Rack (value $467) or I’m Safe reflective products to donate to the school of your choice.
A special thank you to Dero and I’m Safe for providing this donation!

Dero offers innovative bicycle parking and transit solutions, such as bike racks and custom bike storage. Encourage a love of bicycling in students and help facilitate healthy bike to school programs by providing ample bike parking. Looking for bike parking solutions? Dero knows bike parking. Inside and Out™. Add a Dero Fixit, a public bike repair stand, to help with bike maintenance. dero.com

For 20 years, I’m Safe has served schools and Safe Routes to School programs by providing affordable incentives and research-based education materials. Want custom rewards for active students? Need to make kids walking to school more visible? I’m Safe has it all! imsafe.com

2. Woodall Amendment Compromises Local Control of Transportation Funds

The House recently approved the Woodall amendment, which would be harmful to local access to transportation projects such as biking, walking and Safe Routes to School. Learn more in our federal policy blog, and ask your local officials to contact Congress to oppose this amendment! We’ve also got updates on health care, the infrastructure package, and greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Orange County Residents Gather to Learn More About Active Transportation

The Safe Routes Partnership is proud to partner with the Alliance for a Healthy Orange County to co-host the Orange County Active Transportation Network in Southern California.  On September 22, the sixth annual Orange County Active Transportation Forum was held, with the theme of The Intersection of Housing and Transit.  Keynote speaker Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns challenged the audience to speak out on behalf of their needs and values to guide street design.  Several panel sessions explored housing, transit, and advocacy the county. Read more about the day and our vision for active transportation on our California network page.

4. Fines, Fees, and Equity: Oh My!

As advocates, we believe everyone, regardless of race, age, or ability, should have the right to safe and affordable travel, free of harassment – by foot, bike, or transit. However, people in low-income and communities of color are unfairly targeted and criminalized, whether driving, biking, or walking. On top of this unfair, targeted enforcement, fines and fees put financial distress on those who must choose between paying the ticket and feeding their families.  

To weigh in on this topic, join us @SafeRoutesNow on Wednesday, October 11 at 2pm ET/11am PT. Use the hashtag #MoveEquity to follow the conversation on Twitter, and share your stories and resources for engaging families.

For more information about fines, fees, and inequities, and to explore possible solutions, check out our blog post.

5. Toward Zero Traffic Deaths and Equitable Mobility For All

Collectively, there is an attitude that traffic crashes “just happen” and are inevitable, as unfortunate as that may be. Vision Zero turns that idea on its head by arguing that no one should be injured or killed while moving around their community regardless of their mode of travel. In order to succeed, Vision Zero must explicitly confront racism in transportation/urban planning and policy. Read more on our blog.

6. How It Got Built

From mountain trails to parks to greenways, How It Got Built, a new campaign from PeopleForBikes brings you stories of the people, places, funding, design, and construction behind nine awesome bike projects around the nation. Visit peopleforbikes.org/built for a behind-the-scenes tour of bike infrastructure.

7. Fire Up Your Feet is Underway in Michigan and Clark County, Nevada

The Fire Up Your Feet Fall Activity Challenge officially started October 1 for Michigan and Clark County. K-8 schools in these regions have a chance to win $5,000 cash awards and prizes for being active and tracking physical activity. 

8. State of Obesity Rankings Updated

Obesity remains one of the biggest threats to the health of our children and our country. Check out the latest in youth rates in the new 2017 State of Obesity state profiles, interactive maps, and graphics and see where your state ranks.

9. Teachers, Take 5!

As an educator, you often put your students’ needs before your own. Did you know that your own health can have a great impact on your physical, mental and social well-being?

That’s why we’re joining the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools for the #TeachersTAKE5 campaign. Visit TeachersTake5.org now to access healthy, 5-minute activities to focus on YOU. Share #TeachersTAKE5 with your colleagues, and together we can support each other.