December 2020

Safe Routes to School E-News
Issue #177: December 2020

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  1. What We're Hopeful For in 2021
  2. Apply for the 2021 Safe Routes to Parks Activating Communities Program
  3. Join Our Team: Communications and Equity Manager
  4. Federal Policy Leadership
  5. Fact Sheet: Funding Beyond the Feds
  6. Join Active People, Healthy Nation
  7. Save the Date: Place It! Community Engagement Workshop
  8. Thank You for Your Support on Giving Tuesday

1. What We're Hopeful for in 2021

From our Board Chair, Carol Goss – 2020 has been a year of extraordinary challenges, COVID-19 and the changes it brought to all of our lives with more than 286,000 people lost; the racial reckoning that came after the murder of George Floyd resulting in protests and civil unrest, and finally a presidential election unlike any other. I have lived through many decades of change, the 1960’s, 70’s. None have been, in my memory, as tumultuous as this one year. As 2020 comes to a close, I am grateful for our resilience as a country, I am hopeful that even though we have been given lots of lemons we are making lemonade. I am hopeful because I trust new leadership and I trust the voice of the people. I am hopeful because I know that everyday citizens like you and me want the best for everyone and want our neighborhoods and parks to be good places for all families and children and will continue to stand up for what is right. Finally I am hopeful because I know that 2021 will be a brighter place for us all!

From our President & Executive Director, Cass Isidro – For more than 15 years the Safe Routes Partnership has been doing the next right thing to improve safe and equitable access to health and well-being in communities across the country. We have continually looked for the bright light when there did not seem to be one and we have strived to always do better as we learned more. As we close out this most challenging year we have chosen to continue our quest to remain hopeful and persistent. We hope these messages of hope from our leadership and staff will uplift you as you join us in progress for 2021 and beyond. Knowing that our work is guided by a strong and committed Board of Directors and driven by passionate, experienced, and dedicated staff lets me know that anything is possible.

Read the rest of our staff's hopes for 2021.

2. Apply for the 2021 Safe Routes to Parks Activating Communities Program

The Safe Routes Partnership invites communities and organizations working to improve safe, equitable access to local parks to apply for the 2021 Safe Routes to Parks Activating Communities program. The program provides tailored technical assistance, along with a $12,500 award for seven nonprofit organizations to develop and initiate action plans to increase safe and equitable access to parks and green space in their communities. Applications are still being accepted with a deadline of December 18, 2020.


3. Join Our Team: Communications and Equity Manager

The Safe Routes Partnership is seeking an energetic and detail-oriented professional with strong experience in communications, marketing, project management, and a commitment to advancing equity to join our team as the Communications and Equity Manager. This role is responsible for developing and implementing the communications and marketing objectives of the Safe Routes Partnership while also serving as co-lead for the organization’s commitment to advancing equity and racial justice. Apply by January 1.


4. Federal Policy Leadership

Drawing upon over a decade of experience advocating for walking, biking, and Safe Routes to School policies at the state and local level, Marisa Jones will be stepping into the role as lead of federal policy for the Safe Routes Partnership. This is a particularly exciting year for federal policy with the start of a new Congress and Administration and the need for federal transportation reauthorization.

"I look forward to working in partnership with other national organizations to build upon the strong wins in both the House and Senate bills from last year to achieve federal transportation reauthorization that supports safe, equitable mobility for people - especially kids - walking and wheeling." Marisa Jones

After more than 12 years of full time service with the Safe Routes Partnership Margo Pedroso is taking some time for herself and her family. She will continue in a part time role as Finance Director for the organization. "Margo has been instrumental in building this organization and while we will miss her full time presence, we are forever grateful for her service." Cass Isidro


5. Fact Sheet: Funding Beyond the Feds

If increased funding for walking, biking, and Safe Routes to School are on your 2021 legislative session wish list, you may need to answer the question, "How will we pay for it?" This fact sheet shares several of the most popular ways states are paying for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and education/encouragement programs.


6. Join Active People, Healthy Nation

By joining Active People, Healthy NationSM, you’re becoming part of a nationwide initiative to help 27 million Americans become more physically active by 2027. By participating you can help increase physical activity, reduce healthcare costs, build walkable neighborhoods, support local economies, and improve health for individuals, families, and your communities. Join today!

7. Save the Date: Place It! Community Engagement Workshop

On Tuesday, January 19th from 1 – 2:30pm Eastern, Safe Routes Partnership is hosting a free, virtual training led by Place It! on how to creatively engage students, parents, staff, and teachers around Safe Routes to School. Mark your calendar and register today!


8. Thank You for Your Support on Giving Tuesday

Thank you to everyone who supported Safe Routes to School on Giving Tuesday. We sincerely appreciate your gift. In case you missed it, it's not too late to donate and make a year end gift to support the work of the Safe Routes Partnership.