NEW Resources for Bike Month

Safe Bicycling Tips
Get your bicycle ready for riding with the Safe Bicycling Tips handout. Provide students and parents with this handout to reinforce safety and celebrate Bike Month! 

Roll Up to a Bicycle Skills Clinic 
Increase bicycle skills at your school with a bicycle skills clinic! A bicycle skills clinic, sometimes called a bike rodeo, offers a chance for elementary school students and their families to learn and practice bike handling skills in a fun, safe, and encouraging atmosphere. Use this handout to learn tips for getting more kids trained on bicycle safety skills and riding today! 

Roll Bicycle Education Into Your Physical Education 
Create a strong foundation of bicycling education for students by integrating bicycling education into physical education. When physical education programs include Safe Routes to School, both programs achieve their goals. Like physical education, Safe Routes to School supports increased physical activity, develops healthy habits that can last a lifetime, and decreases the risk of chronic disease and obesity. This fact sheet explains the why and the how of integrating bicycle education into physical education programs.