#SafeRoutesTo Your Neighborhood School

There is a schoolwide passion for health and physical activity at Robert L Stevens Elementary in Santa Rosa, California. As a low-income school in an urban area with a high percentage of students receiving free and reduced lunch, RL Stevens has many students that regularly walk or bike to school, and some of the most successful and long-running walking school buses in the country.

“They really go the extra mile when it comes to walking and biking,” said Safe Routes to School coordinator Sarah Hadler. “And much of the credit goes to Principal Lori Pola Hoard. She believes strongly in health and wellbeing, and she’s a master at bringing people together in different community programs and projects.”

A new generation of school leaders, parents, and kids just like the ones at RL Stevens Elementary are leading the movement to get movement back into the school commute. Give to support #SafeRoutesTo your neighborhood school, and every school in America.

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