Meeting with Members of Congress

Sign up for meetings with Members of Congress to support Safe Routes to School

December 13, 2010

Do you want to help protect and sustain Safe Routes to School funding? If so, please sign up to participate in a meeting with a Member of Congress in your home district. Just fill out some basic information at so we know how to contact you and which Congressional district you live in.

The Safe Routes to School National Partnership is working with other bicycling and walking groups to conduct meetings with Members of Congress across the country to discuss the benefits of federal funding for bicycle and pedestrian facilities and programs. This is your opportunity to make sure your U.S. Representative knows why Safe Routes to School is important.

These meetings will take place in the Members’ home districts, so you do not have to travel to Washington, DC to participate. If you are interested in participating in a meeting, please fill out your contact information at

What’s involved in participating in a meeting like this?

  • We are in the process of identifying meeting coordinators that will schedule the meeting and coordinate with meeting participants like you.
  • You will need to attend the meeting with the Member of Congress, which will be in one of the Member’s district offices (not in Washington DC). We hope to have these meetings in January and February 2011.
  • You and all meeting participants will be provided with talking points and materials, but you will want to be ready to talk about how Safe Routes to School has helped your community, or how much Safe Routes to School funding is needed to address safety challenges.
  • After the meeting, you may be asked to write a thank you note to the Member.

After you fill out your contact information at, we will attempt to match you up with a meeting that is already being planned and will call or email you with additional information about how to participate. You may not hear back from us until after the holidays, as we are still working with other national groups to identify all the meeting coordinators.

Thank you so much for your willingness to step forward for Safe Routes to School! If you have any questions, please contact Margo Pedroso.