Work Across the Country

In states and communities that implement Safe Routes to School or other healthy community design policies, we know access to physical activity improves health and wellness outcomes. 


Walk to School Minutes

And studies show that Safe Routes to School programs are proven to increase rates of walking and bicycling to school.

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The work of the Safe Routes Partnership stretches across the country as we monitor award and obligation rates in our quarterly state of the state report, continually add resources to our collection, and serve as the connector and convenor on the most pressing issues in our movement.

Working closely with communities across the country, our national staff produce resources and tools that address emerging local needs and highlight inspiring new practices.  Our team works closely with local communities, providing trainings, ongoing technical assistance, policy change coaching, and more.  One set of resources synthesizes lessons learned and promising practices based on our collaborations with rural communities implementing Safe Routes to School and working to improve walking and bicycling opportunities.  Tailored factsheets for the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander community set out the community benefits available from Safe Routes to School and shared use, and provide moving stories of successes achieved by local advocates.  We host expert convenings on topics such as collaborating with school transportation departments, GIS, and more.  In addition, our detailed reports on topics like equity and active transportation or Safe Routes to School and violence prevention summarize research, provide case studies, and set out action steps, keeping local advocates informed and active.

One of the most important things we do is help bring the national spotlight to your local successes.  By sharing your success stories and becoming a partner with us, we can lift up our entire movement through case studies, social media, and more.

Our strong national work is built upon the connections and experience we gain on the ground through our wide array of coaching and consulting projects and our field staff working in the following states and regions: