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It’s Time for Safe Routes to School Programs to Start Saying #MeToo

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Over the past few months, a wave of righteous anger and adamant rejection of widespread sexual harassment has brought down more than 100 powerful men in a long overdue reckoning.  As a society, we are wading into the turbulent waters created by centuries of ignoring women’s pain and humiliation while blaming women for male harassment.  Unsurprisingly, the results are messy. 

Congress Rejects Big Budget Cuts

Six months into fiscal year 2018, Congress has finally set spending levels for federal agencies and programs.  The $1.3 trillion omnibus appropriations bill includes great news for many programs for which the Trump administration proposed elimination or significant cuts.

Get Rolling for Bike to School Day!

Intricate Ballets: Using Open Streets to Reclaim Street Space for People

This post was authored by Tiffany Lam

Safety, the gender step gap, and global activity inequality

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This post was written by research adviser Tiffany Lam.

Columbus, Ohio Safe Routes to School Partners with Community Initiative

Safe Routes to School in Columbus, Ohio started in the mid-2000s as a cooperative effort that spoke to public health, the Department of Public Services, and the Safe Walks program, involving Safe Routes to School travel plans for a school or a group of a few schools. These efforts brought about mobility studies for a few different neighborhoods. The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) funded SRTS projects at individual schools, but they were also receiving a lot of applications for larger school districts.