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Most states make big moves on TAP; some squander TAP funds

Kids walking and bikingWe have been beating the drum for several months now to encourage states to fully spend their Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) funds before the critical deadline of September 30, 2017, when any unused FY2014 funds would expire after four years.

Fines, Fees, and Equity - Oh My!

Blue and white lights flash behind you. The weee-ooo, weee-ooo of sirens pierce your ears. Your heart races. You slowly pull your car to the shoulder of the road. Sure enough, you receive a ticket for your infraction.

Paying the ticket would take half of your grocery money for the month. Sadly, you cannot pay the exorbitant cost. Then a late fee gets added, then another, and another, until your license gets suspended or even worse, a warrant is issued for unpaid traffic tickets.