August 2011

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Fired Up from the First Day of the Safe Routes to School National Conference

Fired Up! That’s the best way I can describe the energy on the first day of the 3rd Safe Routes to School National Conference, which is being held at the Minneapolis Convention Center. About 600 people from nearly every state in the US came here seeking to learn, share and build connections so that they can go home with new tools to improve their communities, making them safer for kids to walk and bike – improving health, communities and the environment.

Creating a Positive Future Reflections from the Third Safe Routes To School National Conference

Inspiring. Enthusiastic. Partnerships. Youth Leadership. Social Justice. Creating a Positive Future. Those are a few words I’d use to describe the mood, energy and intention of the 3rd Safe Routes to School National Conference in Minneapolis.

As the more than 600 participants entered the Minneapolis Convention Center on August 17, the second day of the conference, the room was buzzing with people talking about workshops and connections they made the day before.