Gearing Up: What's Next on the Federal Transportation Bill

Gearing Up: What's Next on the Federal Transportation Bill

A Message to Supporters of Safe Routes to School and Active Transportation
July 26, 2012

We are not going to let 20 years of progress in bicycling, walking and Safe Routes to School come to a halt!

It’s true that the new transportation bill, MAP-21, slashed guaranteed funding for bicycling and walking. But thanks to you and thousands of individual advocates who called, wrote, and e-mailed Congress as the bill was being written, we are still very much in the game.

The America Bikes coalition, of which the Safe Routes Partnership is a member, is committed to working with advocates and state and local organizations to ensure that states and local governments use every opportunity in the new law to increase the safety and convenience of bicycling and walking.

Together, we can maximize bicycling, walking and Safe Routes to School investments — both under MAP-21’s new Transportation Alternatives program and the larger core transportation and safety funds.

We expect every state to:

  • Fully fund, staff, and implement the new Transportation Alternatives program. Specifically, states should:
    • Fully fund: Do not transfer any funds away from Transportation Alternatives or opt-out of the Recreational Trails program
    • Fully staff: Preserve or increase staff support for Transportation Alternatives by maintaining state Safe Routes to School coordinators and bike/ped coordinators
    • Fully implement: Promptly award Transportation Alternatives grants with participation of relevant stakeholders
  • Fully maximize the state’s investments in safe, accessible streets: utilize all MAP-21 funding programs — including HSIP, CMAQ, and STP — to include biking and walking in all transportation projects
  • Fully spend remaining funds from the Transportation Enhancements, Safe Routes to School, and Recreational Trails programs

We are working closely with our partners to develop an action plan to coordinate our efforts for the best results in every state. Together, we are already working on a suite of tools and resources to help advocates ensure that states and communities take full advantage of MAP-21. We will alert you as those resources become available.

With your help and dedication over the coming weeks and months, the national renaissance in Safe Routes to School, bicycling and walking will continue in communities all across the country.

Thank you for your commitment.


Deb Hubsmith, Director
Safe Routes Partnership

For more information on MAP-21, see our MAP-21 Resource Center.