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These resources can help school districts and municipal organizations make use of playgrounds, fields, and gymnasiums that would otherwise not be open after hours for sports, exercise classes, or other types of activity. Shared use allows for a more efficient use of public space and money, and is an inexpensive strategy against childhood obesity, particularly in lower income communities. Click here to learn more about our National Shared Use Task Force, Shared Use Ambassadors, Shared Use Resolution, and other resources.

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March 17, 2016
As the practice of shared use continues to build momentum across the country, we are highlighting the work of three of the Shared Use Ambassadors. 

Fact Sheets

report cover

The Potential of Safe, Secure and Accessible Playgrounds to Increase Children’s Physical Activity was published by Active Living Reseach (a RWJF program) in February 2011. The report summarizes research on the importance of playgrounds for children’s physical activity. Some highlights of this report are:

Reports, Evaluations, and Toolkits

Over the past few decades, faith-based organizations across the country have been placing greater emphasis on health and wellness. 

Case Studies

These new resources tell the stories of state- and local-level campaign wins for active transportation funding, Safe Routes to School, Complete Streets, shared use, and environmental justice policies. 

Model Policies

Grassroots efforts to improve equitable access to swimming facilities in a low-income neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minn. (10.5% Latino), spurred a formalized Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).


Children's Aid created the National Center for Community Schools in response to the tremendous interest generated in this new comprehensive and integrated approach to promoting children's learning and development. 

Journal Articles

This article by building design and construction design includes successful examples of joint use in Santa Ana, CA; Canton, OH and Wheaton, Ill.