As A Partner

The Safe Routes to School National Partnership is working to advance the Safe Routes to School movement nationwide. You can partner with us in one of two ways - joining as a partner affiliate of the National Partnership or by joining one of our state and/or regional networks. Either way, it is free to join!

Join As A Partner Affiliate

More than 700 groups have pledged their support for the National Partnership. Join our growing list of supporting organizations and become a partner affiliate today.

Join A State or Regional Network

Our state networks are advancing state-level policy reform in seven states (CA, FL, MS, NC, NJ, OH and TN), which will result in the award and obligation of federal transportation funds, street-scale improvements and joint-use agreements. If you see your state in the list above, click on the link for the contact info for the advocacy organizer in your state to get involved in your state's network.

Our regional network project can currently be found in the areas of Southern California, the Greater Washington, DC area, the Atlanta region, the San Francisco Bay Area and the Pacific Northwest (specifically, Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington). Click here to find the contact info for the regional network manager in your area for more information on joining their efforts.