Shared Use: Websites
2020    Website

CounterPoint is a transportation planning and measurement tool designed in 2013, to make traffic counting global, fun, easy, and inclusive for all ages and disciplines. 

2020    Website

On this page is a collection of remote learning resources that can be viewed anywhere and anytime!

bike in snow
2020    Website, Video

This is a crowdsourced photo library featuring walking and rolling to schools, parks, and around the community in all types of weather - rainy, gusty, snowy, and sunny!

2015    Website

Children's Aid created the National Center for Community Schools in response to the tremendous interest generated in this new comprehensive and integrated approach to promoting children's learning and development. 

2014    Website

The primary purpose or function of public school facilities is to provide quality educational environments conducive to the learning of the students they serve. 


This website describes the initiatives of the Rural School and Community Trust, which is a national nonprofit working toward high-quality place-based education in rural settings through school and community connections.


This website describes the initiatives of the Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN) System, which supports joint use in an urban setting.


The role of the National Center is to build the capacity of schools, districts, community partners and government agencies to organize their human and financial resources around student success.


This website provides reports, tools, and resources to support implementation of joint use agreements.