Healthy Communities: Model-Policies
Policy Package: Model School Siting Policies
Model Policy, Website

This website includes a fact sheet and package of school siting policies for school districts that want to ensure that their school siting decisions support the educational success, physical health, and overall well-being of students and their community. 

Report, Model Policy, Case Study

This report documents the growth of Complete Streets policy adoption and provides a standard analysis of the content of more than 200 written policies adopted before January 1, 2011, highlighting policies that come closest to incorporating ten key policy elements. 

Model Policy

This Model suggests language for a comprehensive plan's transportation vision statement and policy package, as well as additional language to be used throughout other chapters to encourage the integration of Complete Streets policies in interagency planning for land use, schools, public facilities, parks and recreation, and community health. 

Model Policy

This fact sheet provides an overview for advocates and community members on the benefits of complete streets policies. NPLAN has models and findings that you can tailor and use in your community.