Resources for Parents and Educators

Looking for help to make your school healthy and active? Here are a few highlighted resources:

Start a Walking School Bus

wsb thumbWalking school buses can foster a sense of community pride in both children and adults, which can lead to safer, more active neighborhoods. Children get to practice safe pedestrian skills, have fun, increase socialization time with friends, and they arrive at school alert and ready to learn. Volunteers have the opportunity to increase their own physical activity and become more involved in their neighborhood while allowing other parents extra time in the mornings. This is a great resource for getting your walking school bus started.

Support Shared Use to Increase Physical Activity

shared use thumbThe shared use of school facilities such as gyms, tracks, and playgrounds can be a simple solution to increase physical activity in a community. This resource presents an overview of the opportunties and challenges for advancing shared use agreements and offers examples of shared use in urban, suburban, and rural settings. This document is also available in Spanish.